Product & Marketing designer. 2014-2017
Small business owners struggle with inconsistent cash flow due to slow payment by their clients. they often get paid after 30-60-90 days.
BlueVine provides a way to solve the money gap between businesses needing money quickly and customers wanting time to make payment. BlueVine is a quick, simple and 100% online solution to this problem.
BlueVine offers Invoice factoring— a type of business financing for B2B businesses in which unpaid invoices are sold at a discount and also traditional lines of credit up to $15 millions.

The Problem
The factoring and credit line process requires many steps such as registration, application forms, personal verification documents, etc. This process can be long and tedious and often causes users to abandon or dropout. In addition, when it comes to financial platforms they are very often overwhelming with plenty of different fields and numbers which cause confusion among the users.

The Solution
Creating a short and minimal registration process and design was the key. We made sure to limit the amount of steps and added a progress indicator so that the users will know where they are in the process at any given moment and won't abandon the process. We also added friendly tooltips in order to help the users understand all the terminology.