Culture Trip
Lead designer | 2016-2017
About Culture trip
Culture Trip is a global hyper-growth startup operating in travel, media and entertainment. Culture trip create stories that reveal what is unique and special about a place, its people and its culture. Culture trip wants to inspire people to plan their trips, go beyond their cultural boundaries and connect with the world around them.

The Problems
1. Culture Trip previous app design has a complex search that contains few steps: first  users should select a genre that intersting them and then, a location. We saw that users barely use the search feature.
2. There's was an engagement problem. Users were reading just 1-2 articles before abandoning the app.
3. The UI was inconsistent: Contained many fonts, colors, and sizes, and there was no design system used.
The solutions
We designed one 'Call for action' search field that is sticky and will call the user to insert a place which he is interested in. We suggested him places, and also showed him on the home page content that can be interested him based on articles he likes and his preferences. we use the genres as filters.
We re-design the look and feel, and created a style guide in order to keep consistency.
The app got 4.8 stars out of 5 on the Google Play store, and we saw a massive double digit growth of registered users.