Lead designer | 2017-2018
About Otonomo
Otonomo is the first automotive data services platform that simply and securely paves the way for the development of new apps and services for drivers, passengers, municipalities, and transportation companies. The Otonomo platform ingests automotive data from multiple sources, including OEMs and other data providers. It cleanses, normalizes, and aggregates the data and enriches it with third-party datasets in order to meet consumers’ privacy expectations, manage compliance, and maximize its value through our global Marketplace.

The Problems
We had few problems in the previous UI:
‍1. It was unclear how to start to process of consuming data - which was the main goal of the platform
2. The process of consuming data contained un-relevant fields and was very long with no indication of how long it takes.
3. The first page that the use see is a 'dashboard style' home page with details that were not relevant to the user
4. The user didn't have any indication for how long the process will take, and when he will be approve.
5. The UI suffered from inconsistency and does not base on design-system, which made the look&feel unprofessional
The Solution
1. We decided to design the platform as a wizard, in order to lead the user through its different features, in a simple and friendly manner.
2. We includes steps bar and tooltips in order to indicate the user where he is in the process. We used maps and simulation to show the user what value he will get in any step.
3. We got rid of the dashboard and started the flow with the main action the user should do - consume data
4. We added a notification bar that will update the user regarding his process
5. We redesign the platform, and we build a design system
Previous design

New design

Provider Platfrom

Building a Design System